Nagel residence is a 4 Bedroom Beachside Home for a young family of 5 + two larger dogs. The philosophy of the project was to mix dramatic forms, with the understated quality of natural products to achieve a classic, timeless feel. The family had renovated/built 4 times during the last 10 years, and insisted that this house reflect its environment, respond to immediate neighbours, function to a beachside lifestyle, be welcoming to guests and conducent to regular unannounced entertaining. The answer came from destroying the notion of a facade, refusing to address the street flat up against the 6m setback. A change in angle and one continuous curve, drive light deep into the residence. The organic form delights the street, impresses the interior spaces, without being overpowering, playing with natural light, encouraging privacy and retaining a human scale. The engineer designers and builder worked together to achieve consistency to the complex geometries and seemless construction details. Interior & Landscape Design, bring warmth and life to the residence, while reinforcing the sense of drama inherent in the design. This collaboration has allowed a site that would usually be defensive to its surroundings, to completely open-up and celebrate its beachside location.